Mom knows best. That's why we spare no effort to get her approval. By making the flight experience more Indian than you think – giving every passenger the feeling of a home away from home.



A perfect journey starts with a heartfelt “Namaste”.

The Indian woman is welcomed by a flight attendant with a “Namaste” gesture.

There's no better host than Indians. That's why we take immense pride in our 200 Indian flight attendants who are both fluent in Hindi and native in the language of hospitality.

Meals & Drinks

Meals & Drinks

Nothing says home like a truly Indian meal.

The Indian woman sits next to the English coach from the TVC. Both enjoy their Indian curry.
We see a menue on a tray table: a delicous Indian curry, a drink and side dishes.

Please take a seat and make yourself at home: with a cup of garam chai and an Indian meal so delicious, that even an expert like mom enjoys it.

We see a menue on a tray table: a delicous Indian curry, a drink and side dishes.
Inflight Entertainment

Inflight Entertainment

Time flies when you're having fun.

The Indian woman wears a headset and enjoys the inflight entertainment.
A chart with the entertainment you can enjoy onboard in Hindi: movies, news and music.

Good hosts always entertain their guests. Our Bollywood blockbusters, Indian radio channels and newspapers in Hindi will make sure that your travel time literally flies by.

The entertainment screen shows a Bollywood movie scene.
A chart with the entertainment you can enjoy onboard in Hindi: movies, news and music.


Mom approved of us. How about you? Get your ticket to the world and see for yourself how Indian we are.



A partnership approved by mom.

The year 1934 and the Junkers Ju52 aircraft.

'Auntie Ju' lands in India

The legendary Junkers Ju 52 was the first Lufthansa aircraft to land in India. The grand dame of the skies touched down in Jodhpur in September 1934 en route Egypt to Shanghai.

The year 1959 and the Super Connie aircraft.

Hello India!

Lufthansa launched scheduled services to India in November 1959 with the “Super Connie” – the Lockheed Super Constellation – which flew twice weekly from Frankfurt to Kolkata (then Calcutta) via Cairo, Kuwait and Karachi.

The year 1987 and a man watching TV in a plane.

Music to your ears

Indian music was introduced on Lufthansa's inflight entertainment programme. And for your reading pleasure, Indian newspapers were available onboard on all flights from as well as to India.

The year 1996 and an Indian flight attendant.

Warm Indian hospitality

Indian cabin crew was introduced on Lufthansa's India routes to add the warmth of Indian hospitality.

The year 2009 and an Indian curry with side dishes.

Taste of The Leela

A culinary partnership with The Leela Group of Hotels added traditional Indian culinary expertise in Lufthansa inflight meals. This has since grown further to bring on board master chefs Kunal Kapur and Vinod Saini.

The year 2010 and a Lufthansa plane above the clouds. Below, there are Facebook like thumbs.

Connecting on Facebook

A special Lufthansa “India” Facebook page was launched, dedicated to customers and fans in India.

The year 2012 and the Boeing B747-8 above the clouds.

Arrival of Queen of the Skies

The all new 'Queen of the Skies' Boeing B747-8 was introduced to Delhi and Bengaluru. While Delhi was its second destination worldwide, Bengaluru followed soon after.

The year 2013 and the Runway to Success stage.

Beyond the skies

Runway to Success, a unique TV show to nurture budding entrepreneurs in India, was launched in partnership with The Indus Entrepreneurs. Now in its fifth year, it has added nationwide mentorship camps to become India's largest SME platform.

The year 2014 and the A380 above the clouds.

The Green Giant at India's service

Lufthansa A380, the largest commercial aircraft in the world, began service between Delhi and Frankfurt.

The year 2017 and the A350 above the clouds.

The A350 arrives in the capital

Delhi was selected as the worldwide launch destination of Lufthansa A350, the most advanced and environmentally friendly aircraft in the world. Now flying daily between Delhi and Munich.