Welcome aboard Lufthansa, an airline that is more Indian than you think!

The unique spirit of India is clearly evident in all Lufthansa flights. After over half a century of service to India, it is woven into our tradition of efficiency, reliability, innovation and technological excellence.

You will find a touch of India at every step of the journey – be it in our hospitality, inflight meals or entertainment. Our long partnership has helped us appreciate Indian culture, and customize our products to your preferences. This relentless effort has earned your trust and made us the No.1 European airline in India.

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Onboard: A touch of India in the skies


Be it entertainment, food or crew, the entire travel experience onboard Lufthansa flights from India is geared towards creating a home away from home.

From the moment the journey begins all the way to the destination, Lufthansa passengers from India step into a world that is tailored to their needs. There are a variety of Indian newspapers and magazines to read, Hindi film music to listen to on dedicated radio channels, popular Bollywood films to enjoy, Indian cuisine and even garam chai to savour. Together they all lend a touch of India in the skies.

From the first point of contact at check-in where you are greeted and served by experienced Indian ground staff to Indian crew members taking care of you inflight, the entire flight experience is geared towards creating a home away from home.

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Inflight menu image

Inflight Menu: Desi taste, desi spices

Irrespective of the travel class, you can always enjoy an Indian meal on board a Lufthansa flight from India. Just book an Asian Vegetarian meal with your reservation and enjoy a sumptuous meal inflight, cooked with traditional spices to cater to the distinctive Indian palette.

To pamper our First and Business Class passengers, celebrated chef Kunal Kapur teams up with top chef Surender Mohan to add their signature touch to outstanding Indian cuisine on board Lufthansa flights to and from India. In fact, Lufthansa even conducted a nationwide cooking contest in India for the best Indian entrée, and the winning recipe was featured on its First & Business Class inflight menu!

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Inflight entertainment image

Inflight Entertainment: Bollywood for me

Golden melodies or the latest Bollywood hits, enjoy the music you prefer onboard Lufthansa on its dedicated Indian music channel Rhythm of India. Just put on your headphones and relax as you get ready for a flight experience that’s distinctly more Indian than you might think! You can even catch up on the latest news with an Indian newspaper or magazine! And once you are cruising above the clouds, choose from an array of Bollywood films and Indian TV shows from the endless inflight entertainment programme. When you fly Lufthansa, it's time to sit back, relax and enjoy some desi entertainment in the skies.

Did you know?

Indian music was introduced in Lufthansa flights to and from India about 30 years ago in 1987.

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Indian crew

Indian crew: A touch of home

Indians are known worldwide for their hospitality. That’s why Lufthansa employs close to 200 Indian flight attendants. Once you have been checked in at the airport with our helpful and highly-trained ground staff, our Indian crew will help you feel at home on your flights.

On arrival, the Lufthansa Welcome Service is available to greet you in Hindi, Tamil and Punjabi at our hubs like Frankfurt. Aimed to assist guests who speak neither German nor English, this service simplifies your arrival or stay at the airport during transit.

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Lufthansa & India

Lufthansa India

The first Lufthansa aircraft touched down on Indian soil in 1934, when a JU52 landed in the beautiful city of Jodhpur. But it was in November 1959 that Lufthansa first launched commercial services in India with a Lockheed Super Constellation flight to Kolkata. Since then, Lufthansa's partnership with India has grown stronger every year. Over the years, the number of Lufthansa flights to and from India has climbed to 46 every week from Frankfurt and Munich to 5 gateways – Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune. Together, Lufthansa Group airlines offer 66 weekly flights to 5 gateways in India from 4 global hubs, making it the No. 1 European airline group in India.

Did you know?

India was the first Asian country and the second worldwide to welcome the ‘Queen of the Skies’, the Lufthansa Boeing 747-8.

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Lufthansa History in India

Lufthansa history

Over the past half century, Lufthansa has built a strong partnership with India based on trust and commitment. A remarkable journey that began in 1934, when a Lufthansa Junkers Ju 52 aircraft touched down in Jodhpur amid the golden sands of Rajasthan. However, this first grew into a formal relationship in 1959, when a Lufthansa Lockheed L1049G Super Constellation landed in Calcutta (now Kolkata) to signal the launch of Lufthansa's scheduled flights to India. Since then, Lufthansa has stayed on course in India through the ups and downs of the aviation industry.

Beyond the growing numbers of flights and destinations, Lufthansa has added depth to this partnership by customising its services to respect the needs of its Indian customers. Milestones along this path have included the introduction of Indian cabin crew, Indian music, Bollywood movies and an assortment of Indian cuisine.


Lufthansa launches first expedition flight to India, landing in Jodhpur.


Lufthansa begins the first scheduled operations in India, to Kolkata.


Indian music introduced as part of Lufthansa’s in-flight entertainment program.


Indian cabin crew introduced on India routes.


Munich becomes Lufthansa’s second destination in Germany, served from New Delhi along with flights to Frankfurt.


Lufthansa voted the “Best International Airline in India” at CNBC Awaaz Travel Awards.


Lufthansa awarded as “Favourite International Airline” by Outlook Traveller.


Lufthansa Lounge opens at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi.


Lufthansa introduces the all new Boeing 747-8 on Delhi-Frankfurt and Bengaluru-Frankfurt routes, making India the first Asian country to receive the new aircraft and new full-flat Business Class seats.


Lufthansa India campaigns win 4 Golds, 4 Silvers and 1 Bronze at Direct Marketing Association International ECHO Awards. Lufthansa won Airline of the Year – Europe & North America at the GMR-IGI Awards 3 times in a row.

Over 50 years of trust & commitment

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Our commitment to India and our effort to progressively ‘Indianize’ our services over the past half century have received consistent appreciation from our customers, our partners, as well as all Indian travellers. Year after year, we have been honoured with awards, not only in the international travel industry, but also specifically in the Indian travel arena.

These have included: Best International Airline in India at CNBC Awaaz Travel Awards, Favourite International Airline at Outlook Traveller and Airline of the Year – Europe at the 1st Annual GMR-IGI Airport Awards, making us the No. 1 European airline in India. But more than all these accolades, it is the words of our customers that motivate us every single day to continue putting in our best effort to provide you with a home away from home above the clouds!

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As India gets increasingly globalized, the world is getting increasingly ‘Indianized’. Be it celebration of Indian festivals around the world, Hollywood celebrities donning Indian fashion, Bollywood being feted across continents, or Indian cuisine being hailed by Presidents - India continues to influence the world in more ways than we imagine!

As a brand that embraces Indian culture, Lufthansa hosted a contest on Indiblogger, inviting bloggers to write how the world was getting ‘More Indian than you think’. The response was overwhelming as 139 bloggers entered the battle, with each presenting a unique view on the topic. The jury had a tough task in selecting one Grand Prize winner, who flew away with a ticket to Europe, and 10 Runners Up. Here are the winning entries, selected on the basis of their creativity and originality:

The world say's Namaste! The Grand Prize.

Travel and me, we have a love hate relationship. As much as I love to wander off and explore, am also a sucker for familiarity. It takes exactly 102 hours for me to secretly start..

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Forever Indian II

What, Indianisation? Again? Well, yes. In a previous post, I have put forward a historical perspective on the multifarious ways the world has been Indianised...

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The World is getting insanely "Indianized"

As India gets increasingly globalized, the World is getting increasingly "Indianized"...

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More Indian Than You Think

The chimes of bells woke me up with a start in the wee hours of the morning! After the long flight I had slept like a log! I could hear the distant chants...

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The “India” Outside of India

When my teammate in London asked me, “Isn't Diwali the festival in which you make those coloured patterns?” (she was referring to rangolis), she got me thinking how Indian culture and ..

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World is going more Indian than you think!!

The night was dark and mystic, the breeze was fragrant with promise He knelt down on one knee, underneath the glowing street lamp...

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A little more is a lot more

There are more than 3 crore Indians settled abroad but that isn't more. It isn't less as well but then only numbers are never more. This summer I was in London and stayed with my son and daughter-in-law...

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The Part of Sky Which Has Turned Indian!

India - The part of mine which stays inside me. It had been almost 10 years since I left India for work assignments all over the world. Hopping from one country to the other across all continents, my family accompanied me always...

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Global Hindustanization

It was night around 10 pm in the city of Dusseldorf in Germany in early November 2008. I asked the car pooling guy to stop the car as i thought i had reached the metro station...

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Indianizing world

India, A country with the total population of over 1.22 billion of people who are diversified into different religion, states, casts, culture which makes India the second most populous country in the world...

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The World is a joint family

This tenet, one of the strongest humanist statements to come out of sanskrit literature, is as old as anybody's guess...

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Discover more about Lufthansa's engagement in India

From celebrating Diwali to showcasing Indian culinary heritage to nurturing entrepreneurship, Lufthansa India’s recent campaigns have reflected the true Indian spirit. Spearheaded by Lufthansa in India and executed both here and across the airline’s vast worldwide network, these campaigns have drawn participation by hundreds of thousands of Indians in diverse corners of the country and the globe.

We present here just a few to give you a glimpse of why Lufthansa is truly ‘More Indian than you think’!

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